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bob买球现金:Multi-medicinal mushroom “Ganoderma lingzhi” for developing the standardized functional food

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Multi-medicinal mushroom “Ganoderma lingzhi” for developing the standardized functional food


    Lingzhi (in Chinese) or Reishi (in Japanese), identified as Ganoderma lingzhi which is different from Ganoderma lucidum originally described from Europe, has been treasured for its medicinal value in traditional medicine in China, Japan and Korea for thousands of years. Of all Ganoderma mushrooms, G. lingzhi has been the most well-studied species. G. lingzhi was reported with a wide range of bioactivities including antioxidative, anti-aging, immunomodulatory activity, anti-hepatotoxic, ant-angiogenic, anti-histaminic, potential anticancer activity and anti-HIV etc. Our group has isolated many triterpenoids from G. lingzhi and reported their bioactivities, including anti-androgen, anti-osteoclastogenesis, anti-diabetes, anti-diabetic complication, anti-hypertension, anti-neuraminidase and anti-cancer activities. Following topics will be discussed.1) Triterpenoids isolation from G. lingzhi, 2)Anti-benign prostate hyperplasia (in vitro, in vivo, clinical trial), 3) Inhibition of osteoclast differentiation (anti-osteoporosis), α-glucosidase (anti-diabetes), aldose reductase (anti-diabetic complication), angiotensin-converting enzyme (anti-hypertension) and neuraminidase (anti-influenza), and tumor cell cytotoxicity (anti-cancer), 4) Clues to pharmacological mechanisms (identification of target protein), 5)LC-MS/MS analysis for evaluating functional-quality of Ganoderma mushroom.
    Up to now, more than 300 triterpenoids have been reported from Ganoderma mushroom, especially from G. lingzhi. Also, many bioactivities of these compounds have been investigated. However, future randomized controlled clinical trials are still necessary. Despite of lacking enough evidence from clinical trials against several diseases, this mushroom remains a popular ingredient in functional food field. Furthermore, the quality control based on the diversity of the bioactive triterpenoids should be developed by fully sophisticated technique such as LC-MS because of having the fact of quite difference of the bioactive triterpenoids qualitatively and quantitatively during the difference of growth stage from mycelium to mature fruiting body. From these facts, studies on the Ganoderma mushroom should be still a hotter topic.
    Keywords: Ganoderma lingzhi, triterpenoids, benign prostate hyperplasia, multi-functional food, standardization


    Kuniyoshi SHIMIZU是九州大学农学院农业环境科学系可持续生物资源学系森林与林产品系统科学实验室,博士,天然产物化学家。2000年毕业于九州大学农学院。后在九州大学创业实验室做博士后(2000-2002)。2002年,他回到九州大学农学院担任助理教授。随后,在2014年被提拔为副教授。
    他的研究小组一直关注如何利用基于LOHAS (健康的生活方式与可持续性)概念的天然产物,并提供了相关的科学证据。研究领域包括以下几个方面。①天然药物,②天然化妆品,③天然功能食品,④天然香料,⑤天然居住空间。他专注于从植物和蘑菇中开发具有生理活性的天然产物。2006年获日本木材研究学会进步奖,2014年获日本木材研究学会奖。目前已在Scopus (2022年11月14日,h-index 34)收录的国际期刊上发表论文253篇。


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